What is the average cost of Breast implants?

Breast augmentation is the most popular plastic surgery procedure in the USA and possibly the world, with over 250,000 women turning to it in order to increase their bust or improve symmetry of the breasts.

Does it make economic sense to travel to Thailand for breast augmentation?

It can be difficult to discover the inclusive price for your surgery as the surgeon’s fees are only part of the total surgery package. Other costs will certainly include:

  • Anaesthesia
  • The operating room or surgical centre fees
  • Pain medication needed after the procedure
  • Post-op appointments

Average Cost of Breast Implants in the USA – €6,300

The average cost of breast implants in the USA is €6,300 but the price can vary wildly from clinic to clinic and you have to keep in mind that this is just an estimate. When getting treatment from US clinics, you’ll most likely get the full bill at the end of the procedure and this can lead to some unpleasant surprises.

Average Cost of Breast Implants Cost in the UK – €5,500

The average cost of breast implants in the UK is €5,500, which is quite close to the US average cost of breast implants. Having a breast augmentation surgery in the UK is only advantageous if it’s supported by the NHS, because there are other more affordable options available. Let’s take a look!

Average Cost of Breast Implants cost in Turkey – €2,700 

Turkey has been a premium destination for plastic surgery procedures for years now. Affordable prices, skilled plastic surgeons and a multitude of clinics you can pick from, coupled with the unique tourism aspect turned Turkey into what it is today – A plastic surgery hub. Turkey may not be the safest venue.

Average Cost of Breast Implants cost in France – €3,300 

Breast augmentation in France can set you back around €3,300 . That’s the average cost of breast implants in Paris, which boasts quite a few reputable plastic surgery clinics.

Average Cost of Breast Implants cost in Germany – €5,200

Germany is the biggest surprise on our list, with an average cost of breast implants going well beyond €5,000. Berlin has an excellent reputation and tradition for plastic surgery and other medical treatments as well, but with the prices for breast implants being comparable to those in the UK, it’s not a very advantageous destination.

Average Cost of Breast Implants cost in Poland – €2,300

Poland is taking steps to become one of the most popular breast implant destinations in Europe. Warsaw is a preferred destination, especially for Germans due to more affordable prices and cultural affinity as well. Breast implants cost just €2,300 in Warsaw and when you compare that to the average of €5,200 for Germany, you are saving a lot of money.

Average Cost of Breast Implants cost in Latvia – €2,500

Latvia is a preferred destination for patients from the Nordic countries and Russia. With the average cost of breast implants just €2,500, that is well under the prices in Moscow and as a plus, practically half of Latvia speaks Russian, so there’s no need for interpreters.

Inclusive cost of Breast Augmentation in Thailand – $3,200/£2,267.00/€2,605

The price includes all medical aspects of your surgery and 1 night’s stay in the hospital or clinic.

As with any international trip, it’s important to factor in the cost of travel and accommodation in the country of choice. Thailand has very affordable hotels and offers incredible luxury at moderate prices.

Let’s add the cost of 7 nights mid range hotel accommodation and a variety of airfares and see what difference this makes to the value of surgery in Thailand

New York to Bangkok approx $700.00

London to Bangkok approx £450.00 ($ 640.00)

Hotel accommodation for 7 nights approx $350.00 (4 * hotel)

The total cost would now stand at approx $4,250. This is still less expensive than the procedure alone in the USA and remember you will benefit from the experience and expertise of Thailand’s best surgeons and enjoy a holiday in this beautiful country.

There are much cheaper hotels of course, take a look at a travel website like Agoda or Trivago to give you some idea of the great deals available.

Flights vary depending on your country of departure and the time of year you choose to travel.

The best weather in Thailand is between November and March.

An important factor that many people forget is that cost alone should not be the only factor to consider. Thailand surgeons have a great deal of experience and have developed pioneering techniques as Thailand has grown into the prime cosmetic surgery destination it is today. Quality, Professionalism and Experience are just as vital as cost.