Instant Guide to Cosmetic Tourism in Bangkok



So if you have decided that you want a cosmetic procedure or even SRS then you have probably begun to search the internet and perhaps already considered traveling abroad?

Europe offers some much cheaper options and some websites often indicate relative prices across world destinations but it is a little more difficult to actually find these deals as all sorts of extras are added on to the basic cost and often the price is dependent upon various conditions.

There are some options like South America and India to consider. Low prices and exotic destinations are tempting but in my opinion they pale in comparison to Thailand and Bangkok in particular. Here’s why:

Any country that has a largely rural population like India or Thailand are likely to be less sophisticated than western countries in terms of hygiene, communication and transport as well as accommodation.


In any research I have undertaken in this area I have asked myself one question: ‘Would I be content for Annie, my partner, to undergo surgery in this clinic, with this surgeon or in this destination’? Only if I can answer, ‘Yes’ will I suggest anyone else do the same. I would not encourage Annie to travel to India or South America or even to some clinics in Thailand.

Because the very elements I mentioned above; hygiene, communication and transport are some of the most crucial to a successful cosmetic surgery outcome.

However, all is not lost! Although Thailand is a rural society in which even beach resorts are often subject to power cuts and transport problems, Bangkok is almost a different world.


Hospitals fall into two categories; government and private. Cosmetic surgery is performed in private hospitals and clinics. Private hospitals and clinics are usually superior to western hospitals and in fact, they are like five star hotels with scrupulous cleaning and hygiene policies!

In short, they are often sumptuous, relaxing and ultra professional.

One of the other benefits of choosing Bangkok as your cosmetic surgery destination is cultural.

Thai people are usually very gentle and graceful in their dealings and while there is certainly a professional air to surgeons and their nursing staff, there is no sense of having to rush through their interactions with patients. Our surgeons are some of the most gracious and interesting people I have met and are relaxed and patient when taking time in consultations to ensure every detail of your surgery is discussed fully and your questions answered.

davidbonnie-cosmeticsurgery-thailand-nurse-elephantThe nursing staff at our clinics  are also very different from what you may be used to in the west. During recovery from her surgery one of our clients was surprised to wake up and find her nurse resting in the same recovery room just in case she woke up at night and needed some water.

You will not feel rushed or as if you are on assembly line. Time and attention are not limited in Thailand.

So, what’s the drawback?

As long as you allow enough time to recover after surgery, there is none. It’s a good idea to stay in Thailand so that you can attend follow up consultations after surgery.

A face-lift patient will probably visit the surgeon again for post care at least three times before flying home. You may also be surprised to learn that in every consultation you have, both pre and post-op, you will be treated by the same surgeon who performed your surgery.

So, you see, the low prices are not the only reason to choose Thailand for your cosmetic surgery. The experience in Thailand is simply better in every way. You get lower prices but also better care with our recommended surgeons and facilities.

Hygiene-the hospitals and clinics we recommend have higher than western standards of safety and cleanliness.


Communication-Many Thai surgeons can speak English but are often unable or unwilling to spend sufficient time to discuss the details of forthcoming surgery or address any fears a patient may have about the outcome. Our surgeons are great communicators and will give you all the time you need. We will arrange appointments for you with several surgeons so you will have a range of opinion and advice to choose from and both Annie and I will be with you all the way to interpret if necessary or simply to smooth the way and perform introductions.

Transport-Bangkok has a terrific public transport system that puts most European transport systems to shame and you can read about that here, but traveling in Bangkok can be Heaven or Hell due to traffic jams. Our insider knowledge and practical help when traveling will ensure an almost seamless transition from clinics and your accommodation.


Money-The easiest and cheapest way to spend cash in Thailand is to bring currency from your own country to Thailand and change it here. I suggest changing a little currency in your home country, perhaps $200.00 or the equivalent so that you have cash when you arrive and don’t need to make any exchange at the airport. You may feel concerned, if you are bringing a lot of cash to pay for cosmetic procedures, about safety. Hotels in Bangkok will usually have a safe in your room but of course, you still have to carry the cash from your home country. This is a matter of choice and there are other options.


Our recommended clinics accept payment by credit and debit card, Visa and Mastercard but another popular way of payment is by exchanging money at Super Rich shops in Bangkok with no service charge which is a great deal.




As long as you bring a valid debit or credit card there will be no problems. Thailand’s banking system is very efficient and easy to use. ATM’s are everywhere and cash from a foreign bank account can be drawn usually up to 20,000 baht a day with a charge of only 180baht applied.


One thousand baht is approximately $34.00 or £22.00. It is usually possible to request cash from your card in excess of the 20,000 baht daily limit. You will need your passport and can usually draw above the ATM daily limit in this way. All banks vary.

My preferred choice when traveling is a combination of cash brought from my home country along with a debit card so that I can use the ATM machine daily. Remember, with our help you can book your accommodation online before leaving your home country. A very good hotel near transport links, places of interest and food venues will cost approximately $45.00 or £30.00 although it is easy to find slightly cheaper options.

When we meet you at the airport I will give you a Thai phone fully charged with credit for you to use during your stay.

Before you arrive we will discuss accommodation options with you and find somewhere that not only fits your budget but places you near to everything you need including places to eat, shop and easily reach transport links.


Food is cooked at pavement kitchens while you wait and is not only delicious but also inexpensive.    A typical meal will cost only about 40 baht, or a little more than a dollar. There are also Food Courts inside supermarkets and shopping malls that serve inexpensive meals daily.

Living is generally more convenient in Bangkok than any other place around the world. It’s not necessary to drive a car as the taxis are very inexpensive and the ‘sky’ train and underground systems are clean, cheap and quick.

For more information or to ask questions or get a quote for a cosmetic procedure contact Annie and I here.