My Cosmetic Surgery in Thailand


offer a completely free Cosmetic Surgery Hosting service. We will be your researchers, ‘eyes on the ground’, people in the ‘know’, here in Bangkok when you decide to embark on your cosmetic surgery adventure in Thailand.

We Can:

•Save you hundreds if not thousands of pounds, dollars, baht

•Help you make choices about your cosmetic surgery including hospitals, surgeons and procedure or implant type

•Be your professional friends, hosts and guides in beautiful Bangkok and beyond

•Guide you in all aspects of your stay in Thailand not only your surgery but travel, accommodation and amenities

How much does our service cost?

You will be surprised when we tell you that our support is completely free.

We are an independent agency. We are contacted weekly by hospitals and clinics in Bangkok who want us to bring them international clients for a huge variety of surgical procedures.

We only align ourselves with those that fit our values of safety, hygiene, experience, professionalism and customer care. We are paid commission by surgeons we recommend. This does not inflate prices for you, the client. In fact, this saves you money as we know where to find the best value for money.

Our clinics and chosen surgeons offer breast augmentation surgery beginning at 100,000 Thai Baht / $3,000 US. The cost is all-inclusive of medical and hospital expenses. 

You can choose your preferred surgeon.

How do prices in Thailand compare?

Here are some typical prices for breast enlargement/augmentation in some of the better hospitals in Bangkok

All the prices are in Thai baht which currently converts like this: 1000,000 Thai baht or $3,000 US Compare prices here in beautiful Thailand with those in the the UK,USA & Australia.

It’s likely that about £3,000 would finance your surgery and return ticket from the UK to Bangkok!

Below are sample prices for breast enlargement in Bangkok

Hospital #1

Less than 400 ml=95,000

400-525 ml=110,000

550-800 ml=135,000

1,000 ml=250,000

Teardrop Implants=(McGhan Style 410)160,000

US Brand (Anatomical shape) Less than 400 ml=160,000

More than 400 ml=170,000

Hospital #2

smooth implants (standard silicone) 152,200

textured implants (gummy bear)163,600

Hospital #3

smooth implants (standard silicone) 134,000

textured implants 134,000

Hospital #4

Silicone implants < 400cc=104,000

Teardrop shape Silicone < 400cc=135,000

Silicone 400cc – 600cc=116,000

Teardrop shape Silicone 400cc – 600cc=155,000


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