So when googling for SRS or cosmetic surgery in Thailand the names of a few surgeons appear again and again. Dr Suporn, Dr Saran and Dr Chettawut as well as Dr Thep. Are they the only doctors practising gender reassignment surgery in Thailand? Of course not, but they are the better known surgeons. There is another name even more luminous than they; Dr. Preecha Tiewtranon is the pioneer in sex reassignment surgery in Thailand He performed his first SRS in 1975.

Founded by Dr Preecha, sex reassignment surgery has been taught in Chulalongkorn University Hospital since 1983. (At present, it is the only medical school in Thailand that has sex reassignment surgery being taught systematically) Dr Preecha trained all the other surgeons in his pioneering technique. Since the 1970’s there have been many developments in surgical techniques which have created better and better results as knowledge and technology has advanced.

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When contemplating which surgeon to use there are some considerations to take into account.

Which surgeon is the best?

Every surgeon in Thailand and the rest of the world has operated on patients who were not happy with the results. I am not suggesting that surgery is a kind of lottery and if all the right conditions are met by you regarding your health prior to surgery it is unlikely that there will be any problems. But surgical and post surgical problems do occur, usually through no fault of the surgeon. Neither Annie or I have a medical background. We cannot influence the outcome of the actual surgery. However, we will only recommend the surgeons we feel are the most skilled and experienced. We know what is going on in Thailand. We visit with the surgeons and the nursing and hospitality staff. Inside information? You bet.

What you should understand about Thai people is that most of them do not speak very good English, even the educated Thais often struggle with more than a few sentences. They will listen to you and appear to understand your instructions but, well, that will be as far as it goes. Thai people find it hard to say they simply do not understand. In your case, however, Annie and I will be there when you prepare for your surgery to ensure that communication is clear and understanding is complete.

Which hospital/surgeon offers the best care and after care?

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Our  surgeons will treat any post surgery problems free of charge.

How do I know that I will be taken care of while in hospital and or transferring from the clinic to the hospital?

This is sometimes a problem. Read these remarks made concerning on of Bangkok’s most famous surgeons:

“I was then placed in a taxi, which I thought odd since the hospital I was told the doctor used (Bumrungrad) was only a block or so away. I was in a panic as I was taken on an hour long drive through a strange city to what I was sure was the wrong place.”

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Thai people are not renowned for their ability or desire to communicate, it’s a cultural aspect that one has to be prepared to deal with. Annie and I are used to this and deal exclusively with Thai hospital services who are the exceptions to this somewhat annoying rule. Frankly, this will never happen if we are your professional care-givers in Thailand. We always make sure you are certain about what is happening every step of the journey.


“I went back to sleep and was awakened next with breakfast. It was left for me on the serving tray, but I could not raise my arms above the bars on the side of the bed to get to the food. I was starving, but all I could do was try with my dry throat to call for the nurse. The call button was placed behind me, completely out of reach. I was not able to eat for a third straight day, and no one seemed to care.”


This is a charge I have heard a few times concerning Thai hospitals. I have never experienced it myself but understand the feelings of isolation one can experience after undergoing major surgery alone in a foreign country. We will never leave you alone like this. Either Annie or I will see you everyday while you are recovering and ensure you are given the very best treatment. Regardless of the surgeon you choose or the hospital where you have your surgery sometimes patients are overlooked as described above. Breast augmentation is a painful surgery and you will need someone to feed you, brush your hair and clean your teeth. Little things matter a lot!


“Following the LASIK surgery on both eyes, I was completely disoriented and unable to walk on my own to the hotel. I was taken back down to the main desk and Mr.*** was called. He explained that he had to pick someone up at the airport and couldn’t help me get back to my hotel. He apparently tried to get one of the hospital staff to take me back, but none were willing. I attempted to walk back to the hotel on my own. I was in considerable pain and most likely would have been run over in the heavy Bangkok traffic, had not a friendly taxi driver taken pity on me and led me back to the hotel. I let myself into my room, where I was visited the next day by Mr. ****.”


This is quite horrific especially as I know the hotel this poor woman had recommended to her! Annie or I will always accompany you when transfers or pick-ups are required and make sure you don’t get caught up in Bangkok’s chaotic traffic.


How do I know that I will receive adequate after care?


Annie and I will be in communication with you and with the surgeon. We won’t work with surgeons who are poor communicators. We met a surgeon some weeks ago with a view to perhaps recommend his practice on our website. Not only did he keep us waiting for more than an hour but later he was so slow in responding to my request for some information that we knew we could never do business with this man despite his reputation.


Let us take care of you and avoid problems before they begin!



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