Thigh lift

Thighplasty surgery, also known as a thigh lift, is a cosmetic procedure to improve and tighten the thighs. If one has thighs that are sagging or flabby, a thigh lift can significantly improve the situation. Thighplasty reduces sagging of the outer or inner thigh, depending on the needs of the individual.

Inner thigh, bilateral thigh, and medial thigh lift are the most common types of thigh lift. A portion of drooping skin is removed, and rest of it is pulled up to give thighs a great, tight look. Excess fatty tissue may also be suctioned out using liposuction. In all forms of thighplasty, incisions are closed using deep sutures, ensuring the elimination of any kind of sagging after recovery.


What to Expect

Incisions made for the procedure vary greatly, and so a comprehensive consultation will take place before anything is agreed. This will ensure that the doctor understands your requirements fully and the best course of action is taken to achieve the look you desire.

It is well advised to rest during the recovery process, avoiding any leg movements, as this can encourage proper healing and excellent results. Swelling and bruising that may occur disappears within four to six weeks at the most. Any strenuous activities, including running and leg exercises, can be resumed within six months.

Key details


2 to 4 hours surgery


For ages 18 and above only


7 to 10 days of recovery


Complete recovery and results around 6 months after