Thailand is the world’s leading medical tourism destination, with over 3 million foreign medical tourists each year! However, there are some misconceptions about Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery in Thailand that need to be addressed.

Surgery is a risky process no matter the destination.

Even if you do some online research prior to visiting in the Kingdom, you can find yourself in an unregistered clinic with unqualified “surgeons”. Even if the surgeons are well qualified and registered as practitioners, there are no guarantees that they are experienced or skilled enough to perform some surgeries that you may want or need.
Even after doing extensive research you may still find that Thai culture makes things go awry. One of our clients at My Cosmetic Surgery previously planned a breast augmentation with a large medical tourism company and her surgeon and surgery appointment were booked in and she was ready to go. Unfortunately, as she was wheeled into the operating room she was told that her surgeon of choice was unavailable. What a dilemma! In her groggy state and given how committed she was, she agreed to go ahead with another surgeon. The procedure was botched with scars which were supposed to be in her armpits instead being 6 inches further down her torso! This happened with a reputable company, in a well known hospital.

This kind of nightmare scenario cannot happen with My Cosmetic Surgery Thailand because we are independent consultants and guides. We understand Thai culture after operating here for ten years and in Annie’s case, a lifetime. We accompany you through every stage of the procedure and our interests are in You, not a specific hospital, clinic or surgeon. Most procedures go perfectly well but when changes are made or communications break down, you need us by your side!

Some misconceptions about surgery in Thailand

1.”You will get Botched Surgery in Bangkok”
Yes you can get Botched Surgery in Bangkok even with creditable practitioners but we can prevent that from happening to you.

Thailand has world-class healthcare, technology and services, and in some cases much better than our own health systems and definitely a better service of care. The current standards of hospitals, clinics and surgeons are of the highest possible (Joint commission International accreditation, American Standard) international standards.

Walking into many Bangkok hospitals today, feels like you’ve stepped into a five-star hotel rather than a hospital ward. There is no “backyard botched surgery” occurring in these highly credible hospitals by these highly experience world renowned surgeons.

2. “Thailand is a 3rd World Country”
A false cliché –3rd world is the assumption for those that have not travelled and read misinformed media/ forums etc. Sure there is poverty in some areas of Thailand, but poverty exists world wide. Thailand is almost divided into two countries, Bangkok and everywhere else. Bangkok is a sophisticated world travel hub boasting some of the most prestigious and fashionable shopping malls and entertainment centres in the world. All this alongside traditional street life and idyllic beaches.

3.“There is no one to help you when you get back home if you have issues. We do our best to coordinate further care if required and if a revision is required we arrange for it to take place.

4. “They don’t speak English and there is no support once you’re over there.”

Our staff and management and staff based in our surgery destinations make sure you’re never left to fend for yourself in a foreign country. Our favourite surgeons all speak excellent English and are great communicators.

5. “Low prices mean low Quality”
Do not assume that low prices equal low quality when considering Plastic Surgery in Thailand. Western countries are tied up in immense administrative and insurance costs and surgeons in the west charge much higher rates for their skills.

The main reasons for such refreshingly low costs in Thailand are:
Lower cost of labour
Lower government taxes
Lower hospital construction costs (see low labour costs)
Lower salary of nurses and surgeons (relatively speaking) There are still many affluent Thai people but the basics of living; food, accommodation and travel are much better value for money.
Competitive pricing due to the vast amount of surgeons in Thailand

So why should you choose Thailand for your treatment?
By opting to head to Thailand for your surgical procedure/s you will not only be in the hands of some of the world’s most renowned, highly experienced Plastic Surgeons, your procedure will take place in an Internationally Accredited Hospital and you also have the chance to travel and recover in some of the most luxurious resorts and hotels and still save money!


Top reasons for choosing Thailand:

Affordable plastic surgery
Same quality implants as used in the west (for Breast Augmentation surgeries)
Surgery in some of the world’s best JCI accredited Hospitals
Highly experienced and internationally trained Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeons
Superb after-care by the compassionate Thai people
Recover in one of the most picturesque and relaxing destinations in the world
The team at My Cosmetic Surgery consider your safety and well being as our top priority, therefore we will provide you with ongoing support throughout your journey.
Don’t let the media and online chatter hold you back from receiving an outstanding surgical outcome in beautiful Thailand!

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Look forward to hearing from you.