What are you doing this Christmas and New Year?

Christmas and New Year are an amazing time to visit Thailand.

The weather is fantastic and the holiday atmosphere is really infectious in Thailand’s beautiful resorts.

Imagine Christmas Day on the beaches of Hua Hin, Koh Samui, Koh Phi-Phi or Koh Chang!


Imagine a Cosmetic procedure as a Christmas present to yourself?

A breast augmentation, for example, costs up to £5,000 in Europe and similar prices in the USA and Australia.

The cost of having a breast implant procedure performed varies widely throughout the United States, even within a specific geographic region.

According to the 2012 edition of the Healthcare Blue Book, breast augmentation (including physician, anesthesia, and facility fees) can cost a minimum of $5,853.00 in Cleveland, Ohio and $5,883.00 in Dallas, Texas or as high as $6,803.00 in Los Angeles, California and $7,301.00 in New York City, New York.

The total Cost of Breast Augmentation in the USA looks a little like this:

Surgeons’ Fees:   Min=$3,400.00  Max=$4,293.00

Actual Breast Implants: Min=$3,308.00 Max=$3,694.00

Anesthesia Fees:Min=$800.00 Max=$1,009.00

Hospital Fees: Min=$1,654.00 Max=$1,999.00

Total Cost: Min=$9,162.00 Max=$10,995.0

Cost is not the only reason to have cosmetic surgery in Thailand!

  • In Thailand our recommended surgeons listen to you.
  • In Thailand surgeons and nursing staff take time for you, they don’t rush.
  • In Thailand the surgery you have is bespoke and tailored to your needs.
  • In Thailand clinics we recommend are not assembly lines.
  • In Thailand the nursing staff are warm, friendly and caring.
  • In Thailand the surgeons are among the best in the world.

The Total Cost in the UK ranges between £3450 and £5000 with clinics like Transform and MYA often for ‘day case’ surgery with no overnight stay.
For less than that you could have the same procedure in a first class hospital in Bangkok and spend up to a month in Thailand! Your breast enlargement can cost as little as £2,400 and you can spend as much or as little as you like on your holiday! The price includes everything you need and an overnight stay in a first class hospital.

Flights inside of Thailand are very, very inexpensive; Bangkok to Koh Samui is about £30.00! Train and first-class coach travel is even cheaper and less than £30.00 will get you a luxurious hotel room for the night!


What can we do to help you?


Annie and I will be your researchers, ‘eyes on the ground’, people in the ‘know’, here in Bangkok when you decide to embark on your cosmetic surgery adventure in Thailand. Our surgeons and clinics offer the best possible treatment in whatever area you would like; breast augmentation, face lift, buttock lift or liposuction.

We can:

  • Save you hundreds if not thousands of pounds, dollars, baht
  • Help you make choices about your cosmetic surgery including hospitals, surgeons and procedure or implant type
  • Be your professional friends, hosts and guides in beautiful Bangkok and beyond
  • Guide you in all aspects of your stay in Thailand and arrange not only your surgery but travel, accommodation and amenities
  • Help you plan your trip in advance, answer questions and solve problems
  • Arrange pre-consultation clinical advice
  • Plan and arrange consultations on your arrival
  • Meet you at the airport 

How much does our service cost?

You will be surprised when we tell you that our support is completely free.

Whatever choices we help you to make about your cosmetic surgery, however much we help with making appointments, talking to surgeons, translating and even meeting you at the airport our service remains completely free to you. We are independent agents and paid commission only by the service providers we recommend. 



How else can we help?

You can make all the plans yourself in advance and some people do. The reason we offer the service we do is that we know that people are at their most vulnerable when (a) traveling to an alien culture and (b) undergoing surgical procedures because when we are in pain in a hot country where we don’t speak the language we absolutely need things to go right for us!

How do I begin?

Compare prices here in beautiful Thailand with those in the the UK,USA & Australia. It’s likely that about £3,000 would finance your surgery and plane ticket to and from Bangkok

Contact us today at info@mycosmeticsurgerythailand.com, leave a Facebook message at facecosmetic or complete the contact form

Let us help you plan your cosmetic surgery adventure in Thailand this year!