According to Dr. Justine Lee, UCLA’s Bernard G. Sarnat Professor of Craniofacial Biology, gender-affirming facial surgery is frequently classified by insurers as a cosmetic procedure, in part because of a lack of evidence that the procedure improves patients’ quality of life.

“Access to facial gender-affirming surgeries under health insurance coverage in the U.S. is more limited than gender-affirming surgeries of other anatomic regions due to a lack of data on mental health quality-of-life outcomes,” said Lee, who was the study’s lead author and is an associate professor of surgery at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. “Our findings have the potential to change health insurance policies for the better for transgender patients.”

Researchers compared mental health assessments for 107 patients who were awaiting surgery with those of 62 people who had already completed it, an average of a little more than 6 1/2 months after their procedures.

They found that people who had received the surgery reported higher scores in seven of 11 measures of psychosocial health — anxiety, anger, depression, global mental health, positive affect, social isolation, and meaning and purpose — than those who had not yet had the surgery.

The study suggests that gender-affirming surgery is one of the most important procedures for the treatment of patients with gender dysphoria, the psychological distress that results from the incongruence between one’s sex assigned at birth and one’s gender identity. Among transgender patients who were assigned male at birth, facial characteristics have been reported to be one of the highest sources of dysphoria.

Lee said the majority of patients seeking gender-affirming facial reconstruction are assigned male at birth and identify as female or nonbinary.

Facial feminization surgery encompasses procedures that generally are used to adjust for anatomical differences between the person’s assigned gender at birth and their current gender identity, to reconstruct the anatomical portions of the face that trigger dysphoria in the patient.

Common procedures include feminizing the brow bone area, reducing the jaw area, augmenting the cheeks and reshaping the nose.

The new study determined that — even after adjusting for the effects of factors like the duration of gender-affirming hormone therapy, whether the patient had undergone previous gender-affirming surgeries, pre-existing mental health diagnoses and the quality of the patients’ social relationships — the facial surgery alone was a standalone predictor of higher psychosocial scores.

So what does it cost here in Thailand?

Although some organisations will publish “off the peg” prices, your face does not fit into the category of one size fits all. Millimetres can determine the difference between successful and botched surgeries. There are several prominent people walking around with very poor feminisation procedures on display. Of course, prices change and a realistic and individual assessment of cost is only possible after a full physical consultation but for the sake of interest only here are some ballpark figures.

Some of the individual procedures most often recommended for Facial Feminisation:

Average cost in the U.S.A

Rhinoplasty. Average cost: $7,825

Forehead reduction Average cost: $8,996

Cheek augmentation). Average cost: $8,188

Lip augmentation). Average cost: $3,663

Chin reduction or augmentation. Average cost: $7,184

Jaw reduction or V-line surgery. Average cost: $7,006

Average cost in Thailand

Rhinoplasty $3,000-$5000

Forehead Contouring $4,000

Cheek Augmentation $4,500

Lip Lift or Lip Augmentation $2,500

Chin Reduction or Augmentation $5,000

Tracheal Shave $3,000

Jaw Contouring $5,000


A couple of important points to consider are, first, some procedures are more vital than others. It depends on you. The most commonly important procedures in our experience at MCOST are those highlighted above. Second, there are many clinics that offer lower prices than those listed here and there are also higher priced clinics.

It is most important to feel comfortable at whichever clinic/hospital or surgeon you visit. Consider, hygiene, staffing, care, professionalism and experience before making a decision and most importantly do not pay a deposit for any procedure nor a booking fee. Only pay the balance when you are sure you have made the right choice, consulted with the surgeon and booked your procedure.


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