Experience all that Bangkok can offer at our clinics

It goes without saying that we spent some time with our surgeons before we decided that we could make an excellent partnership. Wit, patience and a sense of humour are important but these qualities,  in tandem with great expertise, experience and education make our surgeon’s popular choices among foreigners seeking cosmetic or dental advice in Thailand.

Trust me when I say I have listened to several highly regarded surgeons in consultation with patients and that none of them come close to offering the kind of detailed advice and suggestions that you will receive from any of our surgeons.

Non-medical staff at the well-appointed clinics are also very professional, friendly and capable.

Our clinics are in the heart of the city surrounded by the fascinating street life and ‘high society’ shopping that makes Bangkok special.

Our clinics are ‘one-stop’ Plastic Surgery Centres in Bangkok that offer cosmetic, dermatological, anti-ageing, holistic, and dental services including surgical procedures.

While most people are aware that cosmetic surgery can be less expensive in Thailand they may not be aware of the sophistication, innovation and expertise available here. Price is not the only reason to travel to Thailand for your cosmetic surgery.

As the global demand for Plastic Surgery increases our centres keep a competitive edge by having internationally trained surgeons in charge, international research, highly professional nurses and capable, bi-lingual administrative staff to ensure that every patient experiences the kind of hospitality and service that only Thailand can offer.
Our clinics offer plastic and cosmetic surgery and laser treatments, dental services, anti-ageing therapy, holistic and regenerative medicine, hormonal therapy, hair transplant therapy and alternative medicine such as acupuncture. Their range of skin care products that are dermatologist-formulated and FDA approved in Thailand are also now being exported worldwide.


‘Char kiaow’ khrup (green tea) . A friendly street vendor.

The clinics have cutting edge facilities including modern operating theatres and hospital rooms so that patients can remain on-site and benefit from ‘round-the-clock’ medical care during their recovery.
While there are many clinics that offer cosmetic surgery very few are able to diagnose, analyse and implement surgery demands that go beyond simple nose or breast implant surgery. Our surgeons will give patients a detailed physical examination before offering advice and are all able to discuss the finer points of surgery and your desired outcome in very good English.

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