Breast Implant Surgery Myths!

I have to replace my implants periodically.

For most women, their implants will last anywhere from 8 to approximately 30 years. The standard warranty for the majority of implant manufacturers will cover them for at least ten years. You can check with different manufacturers to see if different options are available. Consult your surgeon, as he will have experience with the different companies and may prefer one over another.

A mammogram will break my implant.

A mammogram screening can be more challenging for a woman with breast implants. The x-rays used for breast imaging cannot go through implants well enough to show the breast tissue that is over or under it. Basically, the part of the breast tissue covered by the implant will not be able to be detected by the normal screening.

A process is in place to take additional pictures during the screening process. This allows the most breast tissue to be seen by mammography. This procedure is referred to as “Implant Displacement Views”. These additional views are easier to perform in women whose implants are behind the chest muscle.

It is very rare for a mammogram to cause an implant to rupture, but always tell your technician that you have them.

They all look fake!

Avoid an unnatural looking result by making sure you express your wishes regarding size and look and feel to your surgeon. Inside clothing, it’s usually impossible to tell if breasts are natural or not. The most natural look can be achieved by placing the implant under the muscle with an implant of adequate size. Using an implant that is too large for a particular frame will create an unnatural looking appearance. A “natural” looking breast is when there is a gentle slope from the chest and projecting forward towards a woman’s nipple. The nipple should be the most prominent part of her breast. The majority of the breast volume should be in the lower half of the breast. However, the desire to have a ‘cleavage’ means that a lot of women want volume in the top of the breast as well.

Implants feel too hard.

Once you have breast implants, your breasts will never feel exactly as soft as natural breasts. Although the implants used today to run a very close second. Scar tissue plays a key role in how implants feel over time. It’s important to prevent as much scar tissue around the implant as possible. This can’t be entirely prevented but there are certain things that can reduce the risk. Massage after surgery is perhaps the most important thing you can do to reduce scar tissue build up. Placing the implant under the chest muscle seems to help keep it feeling soft. There are also implant displacement exercises that can help to maintain softer implants. In our experience, very few breast augmentations result in overly firm breasts.

They cause cancer!

There is no medical evidence at this time to indicate that having breast implants causes cancer. Therein also no information available to link silicone gel implants and cancer.

Be Informed

There is much information anywhere you wish to look regarding breast augmentation and breast implant surgery. Make sure your resources are reliable as you begin your decision-making journey. Ask us anything, ask the surgeons any number of questions until you feel sure this is the procedure and the surgeon for you.