P.A.I Procedures & Price

The prices below are all inclusive.



Note: Pricing includes hospitalisation in private standard room in International patients ward, meals, consultation and examination, theatre costs, general medication and standard pre-operative tests.
 P.A.I Pricelist
Procedure Comments (Included) Price US Dollar Hospital nights
Breast Surgeries Include
Breast augmentation GA, Lab tests, Implant 4,000 1
BA with Tear drop implant GA, Lab tests, Implant 6,500 1
Breast lift GA, Lab tests 5,000 1
Breast reduction GA, Lab tests 5,600 1
Breast augmentation + Areolarplasty GA, Lab tests, Implant 4,800 1
Breast augmentation + Lift GA, Lab tests, Implant 6,000 1
Breast reduction + Lift GA, Lab tests 6,600 1
Male breast reduction Need to be Liposuction 5,000 1
BA Replacement GA, Lab tests, Implant 4,600 1
Inverted Nipple Local Anesthesia 800 daycare
Areola correction/reduction Local Anesthesia 800 daycare
Face / Neck Lift (Rhytidectomy)
M/L face lift   (Mini Facelift =Cheek Lift) GA/LA 3,900/3000 1/0
Full face & Neck lift (Temporal, Cheek, Neck Lift) General Anaethesia, Lab tests 5,500 1
Full face & Neck lift & Upper or Lower eyelid GA, Lab tests 6,300 1
Full face & Neck lift & Upper and Lower eyelid GA, Lab tests 7,100 1
Forehead lift   or Lower Hairline GA, Lab tests 4,400 1
Neck lift ask
Brow lift Local Anesthesia 3,900 daycare
Bony Contouring GA, Lab tests 3,900 1
Mandibular Angle Resection GA, Lab tests 6,000 2
Feminising Procedures
Cheek dimple Local Anesthesia 550 per size daycare
Chin augmentation Local Anesthesia 1,300 daycare
Lip correction Local Anesthesia 800 daycare
Bat ear correction (Otoplasty) Local Anesthesia 1,200 daycare
Adams apple contour General Anesthesia, Lab tests 2,900 1
Wrinkle correction (Botox) Local Anesthesia ask
Jaw Contouring General Anesthesia, Lab tests 3,900 1
Jaw Reduction by Botox Local Anesthesia ask daycare
Eyelid Correction (Blepharoplasty)
Upper or Lower eyelid Local Anesthesia 900 daycare
Upper and Lower eyelid Local Anesthesia 1,600 daycare
Nose Reshaping (Rhinoplasty)
Total Nasal Surgery (Nose Reconstruction) General Anesthesia, Lab tests 4,400 1
Alarplasty Local Anesthesia 550 daycare
Rhinoplasty augmentation Local Anesthesia 900 daycare
Rhinoplasty augmentation & Alarplasty Local Anesthesia 1,300 daycare
Tip Rhinoplasty Local Anesthesia 1,300 daycare
Body Contouring
Abdominoplasty (Tummy tuck) General Anesthesia/ Lab tests 5,500 2
Extended tummy tuck
Brachioplasty (Arm lift) If with other GA 2,500 2
Buttock Augmentation (Silicone Gel Implant) General Anesthesia/ Lab tests 5,500 2
Liposuction (VASER Lipo Selection)
Liposuction (Abdomen) GA 5,000 1
Liposuction (Arms) Extra point 590
Liposuction (Thighs) Extra point 590
Liposuction (Buttock) Extra point 590
Liposuction (Waist) Extra point 590
Liposuction (Back) Extra point 590
Liposuction (Under chin) Extra point 590
For VASER Liposuction, we are charging 5,000 USD for the 1st two point.   Each extra point is 590 USD.
For example, if patient should do VASER Liposuction at Upper + Lower Waist (Abdomend) and Love Handles. The structure cost is 4,000 + 590 = 4,590 USD.
MtF (Penile Skin Inversion) (Skin Graft) GA, Lab Tests 8,600 5
MtF (Sigmoid Colon) GA, Lab Tests 12,500 6
Bilateral Orhiectomy GA, Lab Tests 3,800 1
Metoidioplasty with Hysterectomy and Ovary GA, Lab Tests 14,000 1
Mastectomy (Breast Removal) GA, Lab Tests 5,300 to 5600 1
Hysterectomy and Ovary Removal GA, Lab Tests 3,900 1
Hysterectomy and Ovary Removal GA, Lab Tests 5,000 1
Phalloplasty Ask for cost