How to Get Started and What to Expect

How to Get Started and What to Expect

How to Get Started.

This is Important

Our advice is a free service to you, our clients. Of course, surgery is not free but we aim to give you unbiased and accurate advice that is priceless.

We offer a range of services, procedures and surgeons to suit your needs.

Our clinics, hospitals and staff must meet our standards and we always ask ourselves,

‘Would we give the same advice to a member of my family‘?

Only if we can answer, ‘Yes’, will this service make our list.

We will help you to manage your trip from start to finish.

Stage 1: Preliminary online discussion, advice and planning before arrival

Tell us what you want to change about your appearance and we will suggest/discuss procedures to achieve that. It is helpful for you to send images of your current self and also images of the ideal that you would like to achieve. This helps the surgeon prepare for your physical evaluation.

We will also help you to choose accommodation and its location prior to arrival.

Stage 2: Arrival, meeting and consultations

You will be meet at the airport and taken to your hotel. The next day or as arranged you will be met and taken to consult with your surgeon or surgeons. We will support you during consultations to ensure there is never a language issue.  After your consultation you will have a concise breakdown of inclusive costs. if you choose to go ahead with your elected surgery a day and time will be arranged, usually within 48 hrs, often within 24hrs. Prior to the surgery you will be asked to pay the balance of cost.

Stage 3: Procedures and recovery including follow up appointments

You will usually remain in the clinic/hospital for 24 to 36 hours after recovery from your surgery at which time we will take you back to your hotel and be on hand during your recovery as and when required to help you orient your way around the city, buy food, shopping and plan onward travel. You will return to the clinic/hospital several times during recovery continuing to consult with the surgeon who performed your procedure until you are ready to return home.

Stage 4: Return home or onward travel

You will leave with ongoing instructions to help ensure the long term success of your surgery and medications if necessary. We will ask you to update us on your recovery withing the first month after surgery.

The initial price we quote online will be inclusive of all services connected with surgery and recuperation. There are no hidden charges, taxes or surcharges. Never!

It pays to contact us first.

What to do next.

  1. Contact us by completing the contact form or sending an email to
  2. Tell us: Your country of origin, age, gender, any physical or emotional health issues, any medication you take and the cosmetic procedure you are interested to know more about and potential dates for surgery that you have in mind.
  3. You will never be asked for a deposit in advance. There is never any requirement to book a surgeon or hospital in advance by making a payment. You will pay the clinic prior to surgery but after a thorough consultation and then only if you are happy to proceed with the surgical procedure.

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