How to Get Started and What to Expect

How to Get Started and What to Expect

How to Get Started.

This is Important

We offer a completely free service to you, our clients.

We are paid as facilitators by the clinic, hospital or surgeon whom we recommend. We will never ask you for money unless we book a service such as a taxi or driver on your behalf.

The price we quote will be inclusive of all services connected with surgery and recuperation. There are no hidden charges, taxes or surcharges. Never!

We recommend only services that meet our standards and always ask ourselves,

‘Would I recommend this service to a member of my family’?

Only if we can answer, ‘Yes’, will this service make our list.

My Cosmetic Surgery Thailand operates on a referral basis. If you have already made contact with any clinic or hospital independently of My Cosmetic Surgery Thailand, unfortunately we are unable to represent your interests with that particular clinic or hospital in future communications.

It pays to contact us first.

What to do next.

  1. Contact us by completing the contact form or sending an email to or
  2. Tell us: Your country of origin, age, gender, any health issues, cosmetic procedure you are interested to know more about and potential dates for surgery that you have in mind.
  3. We will contact surgeons and arrange a consultation or consultations with surgeons. We have contracts with a number of facilities in Bangkok but if you wish we will offer a recommendation for your particular procedure. This will be based on our experience of the service offered, the specialism of the surgeon, the communication and customer care skills of the facility and our past experience of the surgeons successful work. If we would not recommend a surgeon or clinic to our family, we won’t recommend them to you.
  4. You do not need to contact any hospital or surgeon yourself. We will arrange everything on your behalf
  5. We can offer advice regarding the best areas for you to stay in Bangkok. Traffic jams can be an issue particularly when recovering from cosmetic surgery.
  6. You will never be asked for a deposit in advance. You will pay the clinic of your choice prior to surgery but after a thorough consultation and then only if you are happy to proceed with the surgical procedure.
  7. As soon as the following day you will undergo physical checks and have a blood test and later that day your surgery will be scheduled.
  8. You will remain in the recovery room next to the operating theatres until you are able to be transferred to a comfortable bed in the adjacent facility.
  9. The following morning you will be visited by the surgeon who performed your operation and further examinations will take place at scheduled points during your recovery. Once you are discharged from the clinic we will continue to visit with you during your recovery. We will arrange transport as required.
  10. Finally your last day before departure will arrive and you will meet with the surgeon for a final examination where instructions for ongoing care will be given.
  11. We will contact you again within a month or so to check your progress and of course you can contact us anytime.
  12. The service we at My Cosmetic Surgery Thailand is free. We add no surcharge to the cost of your surgery. Whichever clinic you choose for your surgery pay us as their agents but remember, we work for you. Our mission is to provide you with a simple, safe and trouble free service here in Thailand and be your professional friends throughout your cosmetic surgery adventure in Bangkok.

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