Annie & David, Your Hosts

Annie & David, Your Hosts

 My Cosmetic Surgery in Thailand


David Bonnie CEO of MCOST talks about the reasons he and his partner Annie Andasuk embarked on the business and what they can do to help you.

 “Back in 2012  after living in Thailand for a few years a lot of people we met on our travels suggested that we start a business helping people find safe and affordable cosmetic surgery in Thailand. They remarked on their own experience of ‘not knowing where to start or who to trust’. We didn’t know much back then apart from the experience of Annie and her friends.

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But after a lot of research we decided to start our business and help friends and new friends in getting the best cosmetic surgery procedures available in Thailand. That was several years ago and since then we are delighted to have helped lots of people on their adventures here in Thailand.”


As well as the relative cheapness of cosmetic surgery there are many other reasons for choosing to have procedures done here in Thailand. More than 89% of medical tourists traveled to Thailand, India or Singapore in 2010, with Bangkok and Singapore leading the pack. But the cost of hotel rooms and treatment are both far more expensive in Singapore than in the Thai capital, making Bangkok the most popular place for medical tourism in the world.

ladyboys, davidbonnie, cheap cosmetic surgery that's safe in Thailand

Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport is serviced by airlines from around the world, reasonably-priced hotel rooms abound, there is reliable public transportation and 30-day visas for many nationalities are easy to get upon arrival, all of which help to make a stay — in a hotel or hospital — easy.

“The hospitals in Bangkok are some of the highest quality in the world, meeting or exceeding US standards,” said Steven Lash, CEO of Satori World Medical, a US-based medical travel company that sends patients to Bangkok as well as to seven other countries, including Turkey and Mexico. “All of the patients we have sent to these hospitals have given us excellent feedback on their procedures and their experiences at the facilities.”


Annie and I are your professional friends in Bangkok and we will share our secrets for a successful procedure with you by introducing you to our favourite surgeons.

We will arrange hotel accommodation on your behalf and stay with you while you recover from the surgery. It can be lonely waiting to feel better all alone and you will find it difficult to feed yourself at first or take care of the basic things like shopping etc.
There are so many things that you will not even think about prior to arrival such as acquiring a sim card so that you can keep in touch with people at home.

The service we offer is highly personal.

The advantages of having your surgery with us in Bangkok.

  • We are your eyes and ears on the ground in Thailand
  • We have experience of cosmetic surgery practices in Thailand
  • We can speak Thai and English. Thai interpreters will never ask the kind of questions that westerners take for granted, such as, ‘Why is the wound still bleeding, when you said it should have stopped by now?’ or ‘Why are there extra charges when the price for a pre-med is supposed to be all inclusive?’ Thai cultural norms prohibit any potentially confrontational questions being asked especially to a high-status person like a doctor. I, however, have no problem asking such questions politely but firmly.
  • Annie understands English and can translate from English to Thai and vice-versa.
  • We can secure accommodation, transport and even entertainment ensuring you are not charged ‘tourist prices’.
  • We can welcome you, take care of you and make sure that as well as having your surgery, you have a fun vacation in Thailand and meet some new friends; us!
  • We can give advice and even accompany you to purchase or try make-up, clothes or even get your nails done.
  • We can put you on the inside track for all activities during your stay in Thailand


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