How Much does Breast Enlargement Cost in Thailand?

How Much does Breast Enlargement Cost in Thailand?


My Cosmetic Surgery in Thailand


offer a completely free Cosmetic Surgery Hosting service. We will be your researchers, ‘eyes on the ground’, people in the ‘know’, here in Bangkok when you decide to embark on your cosmetic surgery adventure in Thailand.

We Can:

•Save you hundreds if not thousands of pounds, dollars, baht

•Help you make choices about your cosmetic surgery including hospitals, surgeons and procedure or implant type

•Be your professional friends, hosts and guides in beautiful Bangkok and beyond

•Guide you in all aspects of your stay in Thailand not only your surgery but travel, accommodation and amenities

How much does our service cost?

You will be surprised when we tell you that our support is completely free.

We are an independent agency. We are contacted weekly by hospitals and clinics in Bangkok who want us to bring them international clients for a huge variety of surgical procedures.

We only align ourselves with those that fit our values of safety, hygiene, experience, professionalism and customer care. We are paid commission by surgeons we recommend. This does not inflate prices for you, the client. In fact, this saves you money as we know where to find the best value for money.

Our clinics and chosen surgeons offer breast augmentation surgery beginning at 100,000 Thai Baht / $3,000 US. The cost is all-inclusive of medical and hospital expenses. 

You can choose your preferred surgeon.

How do prices in Thailand compare?

Here are some typical prices for breast enlargement/augmentation in some of the better hospitals in Bangkok

All the prices are in Thai baht which currently converts like this: 1000,000 Thai baht or $3,000 US Compare prices here in beautiful Thailand with those in the the UK,USA & Australia.

It’s likely that about £3,000 would finance your surgery and return ticket from the UK to Bangkok!

Below are sample prices for breast enlargement in Bangkok

Hospital #1

Less than 400 ml=95,000

400-525 ml=110,000

550-800 ml=135,000

1,000 ml=250,000

Teardrop Implants=(McGhan Style 410)160,000

US Brand (Anatomical shape) Less than 400 ml=160,000

More than 400 ml=170,000

Hospital #2

smooth implants (standard silicone) 152,200

textured implants (gummy bear)163,600

Hospital #3

smooth implants (standard silicone) 134,000

textured implants 134,000

Hospital #4

Silicone implants < 400cc=104,000

Teardrop shape Silicone < 400cc=135,000

Silicone 400cc – 600cc=116,000

Teardrop shape Silicone 400cc – 600cc=155,000


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  1. Hello. Im ariel from philippines. Im looking for gummy bear implants (textured implants) ,
    Can you please tell me who had the cheapest
    Offer of this kind of implant? Or any hospital will have their promo or discounted prices in the date i said? Im planning
    To have my surgery in thailand this coming
    Last week of may or first week of june 2015. Thank you so much. Looking forward for the reply 🙂

    • Hi Ariel,
      There are cheap clinics that offer breast implant surgery but none of them offer the ‘gummy bear’ type.
      I would not recommend those cheaper clinics to you either. In my opinion they are simply not safe especially if you have a problem.
      For gummy bear implants I suggest two places that I am confident to recommend and the price will range from between 3000 to 4000 US dollars
      If you would like me to find the best price for you and take care of you when you travel email Annie and I at and we can help you make appointments and also with your travel. Just send a quick email Ariel.

  2. Hi there. I came across your website looking into hospitals for breast augmentation in thialand. It looks as though you guys have a lot of insight to offer which could be extremely helpful to me as I have never been overseas before and my first trip will be for a surgery. I would like to speak with you guys more privately so feel free to contact me via email at Thanks for your time 🙂

    • Hi Trista,

      Just sent you an email!

      Annie x

      • Hi am.from Africa want to know if the far around my tummy can be used and the cost covering the tickets,hotel and hospital….tnx


    • Hi Kris,
      I used to believe that the cheapest was good enough. But after a lot of research I no longer believe this. Hat Yai is a border town with a pretty poor reputation for some nasty business. While it may seem a good idea, consider that you are having major surgery which involves you being fully sedated. that alone can be dangerous. I feel I cannot recommend anywhere like that to my clients. I don’t want blood on my hands which is why I recommend only places in Bangkok where I have actually visited and seen the standards of medicine practiced there. The lowest price I can arrange is about 95-100,000 baht. Let me know if you would like further help.

  4. Hey there…
    I really wanna know,which hospital in bangkok,have the best specialty n the most reliable for the gummy bear breast implants? Tqvm “)

    • Hi Sophia,

      In our opinion, Yoskarn Clinic and Professor Kunachack are the most reliable, professional and offer the best all round service and expertise. PAI clinic are also very reliable and professional. Use the contact form here if you would like me to arrange a free consultation for you.

    • Hi Prem,

      Please send me a few details and I will get the information to you.
      What part of the body?
      Your gender and age?
      send to


  5. hi,how much that it costs when converted in phillippine currency?the breast implants thnks..

    • Hi, use a currency converter online to give up to date rates!

  6. I’m looking at travelling from the uk for breast enlargement. Looking for help with price, recommended duration of stay in Thailand. Is it safe to long haul flight home? Also any additional costs that come with the surgery

    Many thanks

    • Hi Nikki,

      There are lots of clinics that offer breast enlargement surgery in Thailand. Some are good and many are not.
      Fortunately, even the very best in Thailand offer a service of care, professionalism and value that surpass what is available in the west. The price will be between £3,000 and £3,400 depending on the implant you choose. The price quoted after initial consultation will be inclusive of everything including hospital room for your overnight stay.

      A schedule could look like this. Arrival day 1, Free consultation day 2, Surgery day 2 or 3, recovery for 1 week and final consultation and farewell. You will be stiff and sore for the first 2 or 3 days during which time we will relocate you from the clinic to a hotel close by and take care of you until you are up and around again. Flights home after this period are perfectly safe. When are you planning to travel Nikki?

      email us at and or give us a call at +66 861042188 for more info and advice and we will be pleased to help you!

  7. Hi,l read your posts about breast augmentation here in thailand.l read about Naravee Clinic’s it a good one?
    Can you recommend other clinics that you think may help me.cheaper but good one too.l also like to know if there are hospitals that offer installment payment for b.a. Surgery….
    Thanks and have a great day ahead.

    • Hi Nally,

      Most hospitals are to international standard here but the surgeon you choose is perhaps more important. Of course one has to find the happy medium between what one would like to pay and the costs of a particular surgeon. We have never worked with Naravee but do work with a range of other surgeons.

      Some companies that offer plastic surgery have payment plans but I don’t know about hospitals. Probably better to get a bank loan?

      We work by sending your requirements to several clinics/surgeons and asking for advice and an estimate of cost. When we find what is best for you we make a plan and set dates for free consultations with the surgeon or surgeons.

      The prices go from about 80,000 ($2400.00) baht to 160,000($4800.00) baht depending on your requirements.

      Cheapest is not always the best especially with something like cosmetic surgery and the more you can afford the better, quicker service and aesthetic result.

      Let me know what you want and need by emailing

      Also, think about what your ideal result will look like and find a picture. This can help the surgeon understand what you want.


  8. Hi,

    I’m planning to have breast implants in Bangkok (as you recommend) but I’m on a tight budget (2,500 USD). Will this work?

    More power!


  9. Hi, can you contact me with the price of having breasts implants for a male.

  10. What is your opinion on Samui island in Thailand. We are looking at hospitals to get some plastic surgery done while on a trip out there in November.

    Also what is best way to go about making arrangements for a consultation.

    Please email I have more questions.

    • Replied to your email address Melissa.

  11. Hi…Im Maria from Malaysia. I like to know breast enlargement using soya. Do u know any clinic do that treatment?

    • Hi Maria, This is what I know. Following clinical trials, the Trilucent (soya) breast implant was marketed by LipoMatrix. An estimated 5,000 women received them.

      Lipomatrix was required to report any adverse reactions regarding these implants to the Medicines and Healthcare Product Regulatory Agency (formerly Medical Device Agency), the British equivalent of the FDA in the United States. LipoMatrix, as well as the MDA, both received reports of problems associated with these implants, mostly concerning unilateral breast swelling and inflammation. MRI’s of affected patients revealed shell rupture, and fluid-fluid levels inside the implant, indicating water absorption into the implants. Explanted devices revealed extensive ‘bleeding’ of the triglyceride filler through the intact shell, breakdown of the shell, and absorbed serum proteins inside the implant, causing an osmotic effect for body water to be absorbed, which led to rupture of the shell.

      Some of the adverse reactions (i.e. inflammation and swelling), however, subsided when the implant was removed, and there was no evidence that they caused long-term health problems. Still, the U.K. Department of Health recommended that the implants no longer be used. In 1999, after much controversy, LipoMatrix voluntarily recalled the implants.

      At this time, no new clinical studies are planned for the Trilucent breast implant.

  12. Hi,
    I am travelling to Bangkok on Sept 5th and I will be in Thailand till mid November during that time I am planning on have breast augmentation. When should I plan to have the surgery booked for as I would like to have a few follow-ups? Also, I have two consultations booked so far but I am interested in meeting at least four surgeons can you recommend anyone that is certified by the board of plastic surgery and specializes in this area. You can email me at Thanks

  13. Hye can i know which clinik in hatyai..have service for remove or operation to move out lip filler and..dimple creation..
    0123334970 lissa

  14. Hi David,my name is Brenda I am coming to Thailand next week for my breast augmentation, I need to decide asap about a few things! can we chat privately, I included my email address below!

  15. Pratunam Polyclinic, thoughts?



    • Hi Jay,

      Lots of Thais go there because it’s cheap. Forget professionalism, hygiene, nursing care . . . it’s not somewhere I could recommend.
      Email me at and I will give you a better idea and a suggestion or two.



  16. Hello

    I am planning to have a 10 days holiday in bangkok early next year since its my first time in bangkok,I have no any knowledge on where to go, what hospitals or clinics are safe for the procedure. my purpose is to have a breast implants,

    Now anyone can advise me for the breast implants surgery? . What is the best implants to have? something more soft and real? which one is much safer? Siline, Silicone? etc? which Hospital/ Clinic is the best to go for surgery. What would be the cost? ( hopefully not too expensive)and is it safe? anyone help please?

    Thank you,

  17. Hi

    Please help me pick the right hospital and surgeon for my breast augmentation. My name is Emily and I have a ticket to Bangkok from Jan 18, 2017 to feb 1, 2017. I already have 450cc silicone implants but the left side has capsular contracture. I would like to get textured tear drop implants.

    Thank you

  18. Hi there,

    I would like to know is there any doctor or clinic in Bangkok do hip enlargement and can I know the price of it. as I actually planning to have a holiday at Bangkok this end march an im there for 7 days, as I keep on trying to find one I couldn’t find any.. I would like to know if you know any in Bangkok area that is doing it. I don’t want a hip implant but a hip fillers?

    Thank you for taking the time to read and help me out.

  19. Hi just want to inquire how much is the us brand breast in plant in thailand? Im planning to have it this comming march please can u send me price list and how can i contact them

    • Hi Bella,I sent you an email


  20. Hi Sir David Bonnie,
    I am Ashee Sierra and a famous ladyboy in Sri Lanka. I am planning to visit Thailand for boobs surgery and a face feminization surgery along with a butt lift too. I really need someone whom I can trust as I am travelling alone. Could you please be kind enough to advice me the cost, procedures and how many days will I need to stay in Hospital and about the post-op after coming to my country back.
    I will really be thankful if you could guide and help me on this by sending me an email as I need the exact information. Thank u so much for your time in assisting Transgenders like us. God bless u and yr family sir.

  21. Hi David,

    My wife and i are interested in talking with you further about having a Breast enlargement for my wife as well as enjoying a great holiday.

    both of us have never been overseas before and have been thinking of this idea for quite some time.

    Could i please ask for you to send us some information regarding both of us to stay for around 7-10 including the breast enhancement for my wife.

    Kind regards

      • Please check your email

  22. Hi sir david,
    I just want to ask about the tear drop implants. I was thinking to get a breast enlargement soon. How much will it cost in USD and how long sould I stay in Bangkok.

  23. Hi David,can you please recommend a surgeon and hospital that specialise in gummy bear implants. Kind Regards. Marilyn

  24. Hi David, just sent you an email please check

  25. Hi David. I would like to have breast implants in mid October of this year. I am in Sydney Australia. Can you tell me how the process works please. Is it done in one trip and how long will I need to stay? Do you guys organise flights and accommodation etc or do I need to do that myself. And can you advise an estimate cost of surgery in Aussie dollars. I look forward to hearing from you.

  26. Hi David,

    Marie from the Philippines here. Came across your site and want to know additional info about CAL or Stem Cell Breast Augmentation. Are they the same? What hospital/s are best recommended with the lowest price but good service? Am I required to stay in Thailand or rest for quite sometime for healing process as I dont have too much of it workwise. I really want a non-invasive, non-surgical process with a more natural feeling than implants.

    Thank you and rgds,


  27. Hi, i just sent you an email. Please check thanks 🙂 can you also recommend me a mid range apartment to stay during recovery? Preferably close to the mentioned clinic.

  28. hi, planning to have a holiday and at the same time have a breast augmentation. im 32a and i just wanted plus 1 size. i only have 7 days off at work. i wanted a reasonable price or cheap budget 2-3k package. can you help me?

  29. Hi , I would to go to Thai made breast alargement . Im From Philippines . You can send me some information about . How much coust and the best hospital . Thanks Noely .

    • ​Hi Noely,

      Your email address does not work so here are some details. email me at

      The price for a breast enlargement ranges from 100 to 140,000 baht depending on the clinic we choose.

      When do you plan to travel to Thailand?

      Please tell me, your gender, age, height and weight and any health issues you have so I can help you further.

      best wishes
      David & Annie​

  30. Hi,
    Need to discuss options In Thailand for BA.

  31. Hi how much will be the max cost in Malaysian ringgit,for breast augmentation in in Thailand- full course n pls advice on the min stay required.

  32. Hi there. I am so glad to have found your website. I have been preparing to undergo mtf srs and also breast augmentation in Thailand since 2013. I am almost closed to having the budget for it, but I am not so sure how much it would exactly cost me. Although, I have heard from acquaintances and read from different sites, I feel more confident if there will be some kind of personal touch and you have people even if you have not met them before who would help you go through with it. Is it possible if you can shoot me an email for an estimate. I’d appreciate it so much.

  33. Im eva from philippines i want to have breast implant and how much it cost…can you please help me.

  34. David,

    Best chat app and username for you please?


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