Breast Augmentation in Thailand

Breast Augmentation in Thailand


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Breast Implant surgery typically costs $9,000 in the USA or approx £6,000 in the United Kingdom.

That’s an average of the prices we have been able to find and is for implants only up to 400mg  in size.

Many Thai Ladyboys go to a small clinic in Pratunam and although this kind of place is acceptable to Thai ladyboys and to some extent to expats like me who have lived here and got used to Thailand it is likely to be a horrifying experience for westerners. These clinics are cheap because emergency care and after care are not what westerners expect. A straightforward surgery and discharge the same day is typical and as long as there are no surgical complications like excessive bleeding. The surgeons that practice out of clinics like this do so because they cannot operate in hospitals because they are not licensed to practice as surgeons.

We will only recommend surgeons and hospitals that are safe and equipped should complications arise.

At the hospitals we recommend and many other hospitals in Thailand you can have safe and aesthetically pleasing surgery and walk away with beautiful new breasts in a matter of a few hours. I can attest to that as Annie’s are better than the real thing!

Ladyboys usually come home after their breast enlargement surgery and stay in a room with a friend if they are lucky while they recover. The incisions are made in the armpit and heal leaving a hidden scar. The aftermath of the surgery is often much more painful than people imagine and you will need some TLC if you come alone. Annie and I will ensure you are cared for during your stay.

Looking for a more western approach to surgery and after care Annie and I visited lots of hospitals in Bangkok. After a lot of discussion and viewing of hospital rooms and of course comparisons of price we found some great hospitals that we think offer western (or higher) standards of hygiene, after care and friendliness.


Breast augmentation surgery with us typically costs from 104,000baht depending on the size and style of implants you choose.

This includes the price of an overnight stay in hospital and is inclusive of all aspects of your surgery.

The prices below are of course subject to fluctuation and changing exchange rates. Other types of implants are available including teardrop and anatomical implants. Just ask for more info

subject to fluctuation and changing exchange rates. Other types of implants are available including teardrop and anatomical implants. Just ask for more info.

No Types Of Procedure Hospital Stay Package Costs
1 Brazilian Silicone < 400cc 1 night $3,200/£1,894/104,000THB
2 Sillimed Silicone < 400cc 1 night $4,200/£2,500/135,000THB
3 Mentor Silicone < 400cc 1 night $4,200/£2,500/135,000THB
4 Natrelle Silicone < 400cc 1 night $4,200/£2,500/135,000THB
5 Brazilian Silicone 400cc – 600cc 1 night $3,600/£2,120/116,000THB
6 Sillimed Silicone 400cc – 600cc 1 night $4,800/£2,820 /155,000THB
7 Mentor Silicone 400cc – 600cc 1 night $5,079/£2,946/162,000THB
8 Natrelle Silicone 400cc – 600cc 1 night $5,079/£2,946/162,000THB


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  1. My beautiful Thai ladyboy partner has convinced me that she needs 300cc breast implants to complete her life and I have finally agreed.
    She is tiny at 162 cm and has a stunning body weighing in at only 43 kgs. Absolutely no fat anywhere, in fact she has a hint of a six-pack and is completely flat chested, having given up taking hormone tablets a few years back, as she says they didn’t do our sex life any favours.
    Having talked to many friends she wants to go to Dr. Anna at Somchai Clinic.
    Your comments would be greatly appreciated.


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